pypy 1.9+mysql_ctypes 0.5+libmysqlclient15 got Segmentation fault on CentOS 5.8 64bit

在一台CentOS 5.8 64bit的机器上使用pypy 1.9, mysql_ctypes 0.5查询数据库出现Segmentation fault。gdb了一下,堆栈都被破坏了。只好另觅他法。

When I use pypy 1.9, mysql_ctypes 0.5, I got a Segmentation fault querying MySQL database. First I try to gdb it, the stack is messed up. Have to find another way out.


Then I remember that there is another machine running the same version of program and library. Finally I found that the only difference between these two machines is the version of In the normal machine, there are multiple versions, the largest version is 16. And in the problem machine the largest version is 15. Then I try to copy the to the problem machine, everything is OK. For competence, I found a libmysqlclient16 rpm and install it.


Problem solved.

  • Myoula

    mysqldb-python 已经支持 pypy了